Student Clubs & Projects

It is often said that engineering is a team sport—and one way of getting the most out of your U of A engineering education is to get involved with your fellow students. Joining clubs and taking part in extracurricular activities helps you learn to work in groups, develop leadership skills, and allows you to learn from other students.

As an engineering student, you have many opportunities to indulge your passions and discover new areas of interest. Whether you end up in student governance or designing and building as part of one of our student vehicle projects, the time you invest in finding the group that’s right for you is well worth it.

Student Stories

  1. Engineers Without Borders fellowship broadens student’s learning experience

    Lessons from overseas experience still sinking in

  2. Engineering change around the world

    Engineers Without Borders fellowship gives student a unique learning experience

  3. Aerial robotics team soars at competition

    Engineering team competes against the best in aerial robotics

  4. Student race car design team speeds to fourth place

    A team of engineering students has returned from an international design competition with the university’s best result ever, placing fourth out of 80 teams.

  5. Student aero team takes to the skies

    Edmonton—It isn’t every day that you board an airplane with an airplane as carry-on luggage, but that’s what a group of U of A engineering students had in mind when they ...

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Engineering Students' Society

Want to get involved with student governance and leadership on a large scale? The Engineering Students’ Society represents the needs of all students enrolled in the Faculty.

Engineering Outreach Groups

If you are passionate about Engineering, Science, and Technology and want to share that passion with others, there are opportunities to help with outreach within the Faculty.

  • Engineers Without Borders: University of Alberta Chapter
Engineering Clubs

You also have the opportunity to get involved with student governance and leadership by joining your discipline club.

  • Chemical Engineering Students' Society 
  • Civil Engineering Students' Society
  • Computer Engineering Club 
  • Electrical Engineering Club 
  • Engineering Physics Club
  • First Year Club
  • Materials Engineering Students' Society
  • Mechanical Engineering Club
  • Mining Engineering Students' Society
  • Petroleum Engineering Students' Society

Engineering Student Projects

Our extra-curricular design projects offer you the opportunity to practice hands on design and gain project management and leadership skills at the same time.

Engineering Technical Societies

You can join Engineering Technical Societies as a student member.

  • Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society
  • IEEE Student Chapter
  • SPIE Student Chapter