The ENG Fund propels scholarship, discovery and innovation

A new initiative will sustain engineering research and meet the challenges of the future

A group of students—the AlbertaSat team—built the province’s first satellite and recently shipped it to the Netherlands to await deployment. Called the Ex-Alta 1, it will join 40 other cube satellites as part of a major international mission to collect data on space weather and the earth’s magnetic field. 

A $10,000 gift helped get the remarkable project off the ground. The team was able to develop a thermal management system to move excess heat from internal components to cold external components. “The design was simple and adjusting it to meet the temperature requirements wasn’t hard,” says AlbertaSat engineering student Caleb Schiltroth. “The hardest part was running simulations.”

Schiltroth and the team demonstrated the qualities particular to engineers, the ability to take a big technical challenge and parse it out into manageable bits, roll up their sleeves and get it done. The challenge could be how to build a satellite. It could equally be how to provide the world with cheap, clean power. Or it might be how to apply technologies to improve health outcomes on a global scale. An engineer’s work is to consider some of the world’s most intractable problems.

Supporters of the Faculty of Engineering know that the researchers, faculty and students at the University of Alberta are advancing every discipline, and their findings and work touch most human undertakings. They improve the way they teach, research and engage with the community, in hopes of creating a better world.

Donors play a vital role in supporting these significant advances. To maximize the impact of donors’ generosity, the Faculty of Engineering has created a single endowed fund—a kind of superfund—that is becoming something truly significant.

“We’re calling it the ENG Fund, for Engineering our Next Generation. It will grow into a game-changing endowed fund,” says Dean Fraser Forbes. “It inspires donors to think strategically and contribute to something big that will create meaningful impact and sustain research in the long term.”

Members of AlbertaSat hope their research is just the beginning of an aerospace industry in Alberta. Several members have created Promethean Labs, an entrepreneurial venture to build satellites, and they plan to stay and work in the province. It’s a tidy demonstration of the power of philanthropy. A robust ENG Fund can help many more innovators like these get projects off the ground, diversifying our province’s economy.

 In the future, the ENG Fund will be big enough to attract world class research teams and nurture the talent at home. It will change the faculty and change the world.

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