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  1. It ain’t heavy, it’s my concrete toboggan

    UAlberta GNCTR prepares to shred the competition

  2. Engineering student improves Stantec Tower

    Future workers in Edmonton’s 66-storey Stantec Tower will have a University of Alberta chemical engineering graduate student to thank for a healthy work environment.

  3. Find a Job at Career Fair

    Dozens of companies have set up shop in the Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex solarium as part of a two-day Engineering Career Fair.

  4. Molecular handshakes for bitumen and oil sands tailings cleanup

    Hongbo Zeng explores new poil sands clean-up techniques as Canada Research Chair in Intermolecular Forces and Interfacial Science

  5. 4D printing could pave way to engineering human organs

    New technique allows researchers to create technology that also has a biological function

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