Top tips for fantastic finals

The fall semester is almost over—here are five study tips to help you perform at your best during the upcoming exam period.

1) Know where and when your exams are being held. Check out this important information about exams and read the schedule posted by the Registrar’s Office.

2) Work in a study group. Studying with your fellow engineering students really helps you perform better—it sets specific times and dates to study and gives you a chance to discuss and clarify subject matter with your class mates.

3) Help is available to study for your finals. The Math and Applied Sciences Centre has posted a schedule of upcoming study sessions.

4) Get your calculator sticker now. Any calculator taken into an exam MUST have a sticker identifying it as an approved device. Stickers are available at the Dean’s Office (ETLC E6-050) Mon. – Fri. from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you wait until 10 minutes before your exam to get your sticker, don’t even try to calculate the odds of actually getting in to write your exam. Get your calculator sticker now and avoid being stressed out later. 

5) Feeling sluggish or super stressed? The university has many services and opportunities to help you keep in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. Check out the Campus Rec website and Student Counselling Services to find out what’s available to keep you in top form for exams.