Alumni Profiles

Our graduates leave the Faculty of Engineering with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of engineering, experience in applying new knowledge and set of tools that enables them to solve problems creatively and confidently face any challenge.

The stories of our alumni as they take their first steps into their chosen profession, set new standards of excellence in their field or as they reflect upon a long and rewarding career are inspirational--these are the role models for the next generation of engineering professionals.

  1. Air quality pioneer earns alumni award

    Thanks to the pioneering work of Doug Walkinshaw, you can breath easy

  2. Alumni award for video game designer

    Mass effect: Engineering alumnus Casey Hudson applies passion and know-how to some of the world’s best-loved video games

  3. International service calls alumnus

    Edmonton-Last spring, Ryan Williams (Civil Co-op’08) walked off the convocation stage and into an international adventure that satisfies his personal and professional

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