Our Programs

Our students receive an engineering education that provides them with a strong foundation during their first-year program, which is designed for all first-year students. Students can then choose a specialty from a variety of programs spanning virtually every engineering discipline. Our graduates possess problem-solving skills and creativity that they can apply to any challenge.

Progressive, Accredited Programs
Our Faculty offers 21 fully accredited degree programs at the forefront of engineering. Our newest additions include options in nanotechnology and biomedical engineering.

Paid Work Experience—Co-op Program
The Faculty runs the second-largest Co-op Engineering Program in Canada, with more than 1,600 paid student placements each year. The program blends academic interests with paid, engineering work experience.

Real-Life Challenges
Students complete design projects, sometimes for community partners, applying the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom to solve real-life challenges.

It Starts at Home
Students can complete their first year of engineering at the main U of A campus or in transfer programs at seven Alberta partner institutions.

French-Language Education
Campus Saint-Jean, the U of A’s French language faculty, provides engineering education in French during the first year of engineering.

Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research through opportunities such as the Dean’s Research Award program.

Strong Graduate Program
1,600 doctoral and Master's students from Canada and around the world contribute to a rich, interdisciplinary academic and research community.