Faculty & Staff

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta is home to approximately: 200 faculty members who teach, mentor students and conduct leading-edge research; 150 professional and support staff who provide technical, administrative, management, information technology, student, and teaching support and services; 120 research professional and operational staff who support the research initiatives in the Departments and Faculty; and other teaching and research professionals.

The Faculty of Engineering provides a collegial, energetic work environment that encourages creativity and excellence.

Career Opportunities

The Faculty of Engineering is a vibrant centre of teaching, research and service. The faculty provides a collegial, energetic work environment dedicated to creativity and excellence.

Faculty & Staff Life
A community of talented, creative individuals, faculty and staff in the Faculty make important and lasting contribution to life in the Faculty, in the University, and the broader community.

Faculty & Staff Resources

The U of A is supports its faculty and staff members in various ways. Resources are available to you to aid in professional development, wellness, and to help manage personal matters.

Associate Dean Appointments

Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Ying Tsui has been appointed as Associate Dean (Research & Internationalization). He is highly-regarded for his exceptional work in laser-matter interactions and their applications; his dedication as an educator; and his service as an Associate Chair (Graduate Studies), as well as his efforts in support of his technical communities.

Mechanical Engineering professor Jason Carey has been appointed as Associate Dean (Programs & Planning). He is widely respected for his research in biomechanics and biomedical uses of composite materials; his commitment to teaching and education; and his service as an Associate Chair (Undergraduate Program), as well as his contributions to mentorship programs within our Faculty and University.

(New) Faculty Forums:
New Faculty members will receive useful information about the Faculty of Engineering. The Fall 2015 schedule will be published when it's available in early September.