Giving Opportunities

Invest in the best and brightest students and professors who, together, make the U of A Faculty of Engineering one of the top engineering schools in North America. 

  • By attracting students who are not only top achievers, but are also leaders in their schools and communities, we create well-rounded graduates who can combine technical and "soft" skills for success.
  • Our world-class faculty are educating tomorrow’s engineers, the problem-solvers who will move beyond routine application to inspired innovation.

Research in areas from oil sands technology to high-powered lasers to nanotechnology makes the Faculty of Engineering a world leader in finding solutions and pushing boundaries.

Leading edge discoveries and innovation take place daily in centres and institutes such as the Institute for Oil Sands Innovation (IOSI), the Canadian Centre for Clean Coal/Carbon and Mineral Process Technologies (C5MPT), and the MicroSystems Technology Research Initiative (MSTRI), as well as our partnership with the NRC's National Institute for Nanotechnology.

With well over one million square feet of teaching, research, and student space, the Faculty of Engineering has the facilities to allow for discovery and collaboration. 

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