Student Resources

The Faculty of Engineering and the University of Alberta have an excellent array of student resources and support systems in place to help you succeed during your studies and beyond.

Health & Safety
The University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering takes the safety and well-being of students, staff, faculty members and guests seriously. Leading-edge teaching and research involves hands-on work in shops and laboratories and every measure is taken to provide a safe and secure environment in which we teach, learn and discover. Visit the Faculty of Engineering Health & Safety website for important information on safety procedures, training and events.

Student Services
The Faculty of Engineering provides students with excellent support to help you succeed in your academic career.  Student advisors are available to assist you with program planning, course selection, and many other services.

U of A Services
The U of A itself provides exceptional service to students, from job placement and career counselling to health care and services for disabled students. Whether you’re looking for academic support, financial assistance, or hoping to connect with members of your own religious faith or cultural background, the U of A offers resourced to help you succeed in all areas of your life.

Academic Support
Some popular academic support services include the Student Success Centre, which provides workshops on important skills like time management, writing resources, and studying skills. The Centre for Writers is available for students who need assistance with any project or assignment that involves the writing process.   

Faculty Services
As a U of A engineering student you have exclusive access to services like the Engineering Employment Centre, which provides you with valuable resume writing, job-hunting and interviewing skills.

If you need help with your research for a design project, research paper, project or dissertation, one of the Faculty’s strengths is the exceptional reference materials it has access to. To assist with this vast amount of material, the Faculty has Engineering Librarians who help professors and students conduct research at every level.