Building your First-Year timetable

First Year Courses
All first year engineering students are introduced to the Faculty and engineering through common first year courses.  The curriculum is designed to give you a solid foundation and introduce you to the vast opportunities available in engineering. You'll not only increase your academic capacity, you'll also discover how your ideas can help shape the future.These classes provide the foundation for your future as an engineer and will help determine the engineering degree program you should enter in your second year. During your first year you take the 12 courses outlines on the table below. To help you build a conflict free timetable containing all of the required courses, the Faculty has put together four premade timetable patterns with comprehensive instructions.

 Term 1  Term 2
 CHEM 103  CHEM 105
 ENGG 100  ENGG 101
 ENGG 130  EN PH 131
 MATH 100  MATH 101
 PHYS 130  MATH 102
 Complementary Studies
 Elective or ENCMP 100
 ENCMP 100 or
 Complementary Studies Elective

Please note: students must take ENCMP 100 and one complementary studies elective in the first year, students are free to choose which term to take either course. 

First Year Engineering in French: The Campus St. Jean Cohort
Students have the exciting opportunity to study first-year engineering in French, taking eight of the twelve first-year engineering courses through Campus St. Jean, the U of A's French language faculty. Six kilometers east of the main campus, Campus Saint Jean includes classrooms and laboratories as well as a library, residence hall and physical education facility. You can easily move from one campus to the other by way of a free hourly shuttle service. 

Tuition Deposit
Once granted either early for final admission, students must pay a non-refundable $500 Tuition Deposit in order to register for classes. This deposit is credited towards a students' tuition, and information how how to pay can be found on the Financial Services website