Scholarships And Funding

Every year, students in the Faculty of Engineering have access to more than $1.5 million in scholarships. These scholarships are broken down in to several categories, which are described below.

Entrance Awards
Entrance Awards are for students who are entering the first year within the Faculty of Engineering from high school or are entering with less than 24 post-secondary transfer credits. Students must be new to the U of A to be eligible for these awards.

There are hundreds of Entrance Awards available to Engineering Students ranging from $1,000 one time awards to $50,000 renewable awards. The criteria for these awards can include academic achievements, leadership and community involvement, athletics and other factors. All students are encouraged to visit the Student Awards website for a complete list of awards and competition criteria.

Visit the Office of the Registrar & Student Awards for a complete list of Entrance Awards.

Continuing Student Awards
Continuing Student Awards are for students who have successfully completed at least one year in our program and are continuing on into a further year of study in the Faculty of Engineering. For more information on Continuing Undergraduate Scholarships, please visit our Current Student Scholarship page.

External Awards & Bursaries by Application
In addition to the $1.5 million in scholarships available to students within the Faculty of Engineering, there are many large, externally adjudicate scholarships available to Engineering Students studying at the U of A. The award criteria and application process varies from award to award and in some cases can be quite extensive. These awards are then adjudicated by an awards committee that may be comprised of members of the Faculty of Engineering or by external parties as laid out in the award details. A complete list of Awards by Application can be found on our Awards by Application page.

Funding Initiatives
Interested in doing research or traveling abroad during your degree but not sure how to fund it? There are opportunities for you to find funding through the University of Alberta. To find out more about what funding initiatives are available on campus visit our Funding Initiatives page.