Prospective Students

Change the world—Design, Create, Invent, Think, Dream

The next generation of engineers will change the world in ways we can only imagine! Engineering is an exciting career filled with opportunities to solve problems and make our world a better place.

An Engineering degree from the University of Alberta is your key to unlocking a future with endless, rewarding career opportunities. With 21 different degree programs, there is no shortage of options for you to pursue. Our degrees are internationally respected and recognized, opening doors to U of A Engineering graduates around the world.

Where do I start?
Applying to a university involves a few different steps and it can often be hard to know what's next, where you are in the process, and how to proceed with your application. To find out where you are in the process and what your next steps should be check out the information below.

Is U of A Engineering right for me?
Find out why more and more students choose engineering at the University of Alberta for their post-secondary studies. After that, check out the student life and extra-curricular activities available to you as a U of A Engineering student.

How do I apply?
You've finished your research and made your decision. Make sure you meet our admission requirements and then apply.

I’ve already applied. What's next?
Now that you've applied to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta, you're well on your way to finalizing your application. Make sure you:


Orientation is a great way to find out about being a U of A student before classes start. Register online for this fun, free event here.

Campus Visit Program
The UofA Campus Visit Program is an excellent way to explore our beautiful campuses and first-year residences, sit down with an academic or career advisor, attend a class, and meet current students. Book your Campus Visit here.